Everyone knows by now that cell phone use is a major contributor to distracted driving. Unsurprisingly, a recent study found that around 80 percent of drivers admit to using a cell phone while driving. As a result, distracted driving is causing more and more accidents on the roadways. In 2017 alone, distracted driving killed more than 40,000 people. Given these figures, you may wonder what cell phone activity is worth the risk of being involved in a fatal accident. A new Harris Poll indicates that the steady increase in car accidents might be due to online shopping.

The Harris Poll consists of a comprehensive survey of U.S. drivers and their cell phone usage. The questions revolved around what activities they used their cell phones for and how often. The resulting data indicated a number of surprising results.

For example, in 2018, the survey revealed that 19 percent of drivers cannot go longer than 30 minutes without checking their phones. Similarly, 39 percent of drivers admitted to texting while driving, and 14 percent of drivers with kids admitted to taking a selfie while driving.

As odd as these results may seem, the 2019 survey found an even more unexpected statistic. Nearly 40 percent of Americans admitted to online shopping while driving. Apparently, this number is up four percent since last year. At the same time, distracted driving accidents and fatal crashes are happening more frequently than ever.

Online Shopping as a Form of Distracted Driving

Although online shopping may seem impossible to carry out while behind the wheel, nearly two out of five drivers admitted to doing so in the survey. While this may strike you as alarming, the survey found that drivers also participated in other activities associated with online shopping. These activities included:

  • Browsing for an item (46 percent)
  • Checking a purchase’s tracking information for status updates (45 percent)
  • Searching for coupons, deals and sales (36 percent)
  • Searching for an item’s availability at local stores (forty percent)

If you are involved in a car accident due to online shopping, then you need experienced legal representation. A Tallahassee car accident attorney can help you recover the phone records and additional documentation that proves the other driver’s negligence.

Your Tallahassee Auto Accident Lawyers Offer a Free Consultation

Online shopping is undeniably convenient. However, if done behind the wheel, then the possibility of a wreck outweighs any potential benefits. Your Tallahassee auto accident lawyers have litigated many distracted driving cases over the years. Our message, however, remains the same: stay focused on the roads. Also, avoid car accidents due to online shopping. For more information about our services, contact us today by calling (855) 553-3310or by filling out our confidential contact form for a free consultation.

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