More people are out on Halloween than on normal October nights. Parents and guardians are taking their kids trick-or-treating, while others are gathering for parties. This increase in activity is one of the reasons behind the rise in pedestrian fatalities on Halloween.

In fact, pedestrian deaths typically increase by more than 40% on Halloween when compared to other nights in the fall. While this statistic may sound shocking, it reflects a number of inherent risks associated with the holiday.

For example, young children are excited to dress up in their costumes, stay out past the evening hours and score lots of candy. With all of this stimulation, many bad judgements are made, resulting in severe accidents.

Also complicating matters, Halloween happens late in the year. The days are shorter, and the nights are longer, making the roads less visible during the evening hours. Pedestrians are more difficult to see during this time of year.

Finally, adults celebrating Halloween at social gatherings are also prone to making questionable decisions. If alcohol is involved, then drivers may make the unfortunate decision to get behind the wheel. One of the most common reasons for motor vehicle and pedestrian accident fatalities is drunk driving.

Preventing Pedestrian Fatalities on Halloween

Preventing pedestrian fatalities on Halloween will involve addressing the issues mentioned above. Here are some simple tips to help you avoid pedestrian accidents on this holiday.

  • Incorporate reflective material into your child’s costume to help with visibility 
  • Always travel with a light source, like flashlights
  • Appropriately supervise your child when going trick-or-treating
  • Avoid walking on the street (use the sidewalk if possible)
  • Only cross at crosswalks when given the go ahead
  • Check your headlights and signals before driving
  • Drive cautiously when in a residential area
  • Never drink and drive (take advantage of ridesharing apps)

Contact Our Tallahassee Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Help With Your Wrongful Death Case

Unfortunately, there will likely be many instances of pedestrian fatalities on Halloween. If your loved one was a victim in a fatal pedestrian accident due to negligence, then you have legal options.

Your Tallahassee pedestrian accident attorney at Milles Law can help. Attorney Eric Milles is experienced when it pertains to filing and litigating wrongful death cases. To learn more, contact our firm online or at (855) 553-3310.

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