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Is a Trampoline Park Really a Safe Place for Family Fun?


Trampoline parks are becoming increasingly popular here in Florida and across the nation. There’s something enticing and fun about bouncing up into the air as well as performing flips and tricks. However, this activity has a darker side that many parents don’t think about when taking their kids to such a park. Do you know what dangers await your kids at a trampoline park?

How Are Trampoline Parks Dangerous?

A 13-year-old girl was visiting a trampoline park in Coconut Creek when she learned just how dangerous these places can be. As she was landing, another child landed on her leg, breaking her ankle and sending the 13-year-old to an urgent care clinic. She has since had two operations, and though she’s healing okay, deep scars remain. The surprising part of this story is that she is not alone.

On the same day this girl was injured, EMS received a second call about a child being injured at the same park. According to NBC6, emergency services received almost 300 calls for trampoline park injuries over the last two years. The American Academy of Pediatrics claims in a 2016 study that injuries at these parks have increase ten-fold over the past four years. But this isn’t the only danger you could be facing at these establishments.

Using Florida law F.S. 744.301, many of these parks are forcing parents to sign a waiver protecting these parks from liability. These waivers have been spreading all over the state, and some include language that allows trampoline parks to sue anybody that files a lawsuit against them. However, this type of waiver can’t excuse a business when gross negligence has occurred.