Credibility is everything in any lawsuit, but particularly a personal injury case.

In a recent court decision from July of 2016, a Florida District Court of Appeal dismissed a premises liability lawsuit against Lowe’s because the Plaintiff perpetrated a fraud on the Court by lying under oath that she had never suffered previous neck injuries, never been in a previous slip and fall accident or had never been in a previous motor vehicle accident — even though documents unequivocally showed that within the last 12 months that she had a previous fall injury, car accident injury and had medical care for a neck injury.

Our entire system of justice is premised on finding the truth and allowing people with legitimate claims to achieve a fair resolution. When any party lies, it is an affront to this system and there should be harsh consequences. It is alway best to be 100% truthful to the Court and your attorney about every aspect of your personal injury claim.

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