Contingency fees arrangements in personal injury cases such a car accidents or medical malpractice cases are critical to equal justice for hardworking, middle-class Americans. In a contingent fee arrangement, the lawyer is paid a fixed percentage out of the money awarded to the injured party. One of the great advantages about a contingency fee contract is that the client does not have to pay legal fees unless they make a recovery.

Contingency fee attorney contracts allow the client to hire the best personal injury lawyer of their choosing even though the injured person might not be able to afford that same attorney by traditional hourly or retainer arrangements. The insurance companies will no doubt hire expensive, experienced attorneys to defend the at fault party in a personal injury lawsuit. Contingency fee agreements allow any ordinary American to hire an top tier attorney that can level the playing field. Another benefit to the contingency fee model is that it efficiently screens out most questionable or frivolous cases. This is simple economics. A skilled personal injury attorney will only take cases that he believes that he will win. Milles Law fights for your personal injury rights! Your Rights. Your Lawyer.

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