Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has entered the global consciousness in a big way. While cases in the U.S. were at first slow to appear, we have now surpassed all others in total confirmed cases.

Florida’s recent Stay at Home order was signed by Governor DeSantis on April 1, and its provisions took effect on April 3.  One would expect traffic accidents to decline during this period of the Stay Home order.

In March 2020, when social distancing had already started, there were nearly 1,000 fewer crashes and deaths were cut by over half in the Tampa Bay Area, according to statistics from the Florida Highway Patrol.

However, counterintuitively, some troopers in Florida report anecdotal increases in car accidents due to the COVID-19 panic.  With all of this in mind, a coronavirus panic has gripped some Floridians.  Fears about COVID-19 on public health and the economy has Floridians distracted, even while on the roads.

There is a potential increased risk of distracted driving, mainly due to people checking their phones for news updates or simply not being present behind the wheel. While Floridians are primarily concerned about stocking up on supplies, the future of their jobs or caring for loved ones, keeping a clear head on the road may feel impossible.

While Florida will likely see a decrease in roadway travel due to the stay at home order, speeding may become a common cause of accidents as a result. Without heavy traffic, open roads mean drivers are more likely to speed. Coupled with the coronavirus panic, this may be a recipe for disaster.

Hopefully, there are fewer fatalities and traffic accidents in Tallahassee and on the rest of Florida’s roads during these difficult times when we ultimately review the forthcoming data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The novel coronavirus is highly contagious and can survive on various surfaces for an extended period of time. Thus, SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus) is quick to spread. Unfortunately, the virus is also quite dangerous, proving fatal in the most severe of cases. The state of Florida has confirmed thousands of cases of coronavirus, including both permanent residents and non-Florida residents. As of April 20, more than 760 people have died in Florida as a result of contracting the virus.

Coronavirus updates change daily, but recent data shows that areas in the south are likely hotspots. One of these areas includes the Tallahassee neighboring city of Albany, Georgia and its surrounding areas. Some of these surrounding areas include counties on the Florida-Georgia border.

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