I Was a Pedestrian Accident Victim After Being Hit by a Car While I Was in a Crosswalk. Who Has the Right-of-Way?

Posted by : Milles Law on March 28, 2019

Your Tallahassee Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Explain the Responsibility of Both Motorists and Pedestrians While on the Road

According to Florida personal injury law, a motorist must take all possible precautions when encountering a pedestrian. Similarly, a pedestrian must follow the rules of the road and attempt to stay out of harms way. At Milles law, our Tallahassee pedestrian accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting and advocating for pedestrian accident victims. In the following video, attorney Eric Milles explains the responsibilities of both motorists and pedestrians while traveling on or nearby the road.

Video Transcript:

A motorist in Florida has the duty to take all possible precautions to avoid an accident with a pedestrian, particularly if that pedestrian is in a marked crosswalk. Of course, a pedestrian also must follow the rules of the road and follow any traffic signals or crosslight signs as well.

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