Involved in a Multiple Vehicle Collision?

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Multiple vehicle collisions involving combinations of cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and other motor vehicles have killed thousands of motorists.  They often result in personal injuries and death because they generally occur on freeways where vehicles are going at higher rates of speed. If you were injured in a multiple vehicle collision, we recommend that you speak to our Tallahassee car accident law firm about your situation.

Dense fog or poor visibility from snow have caused several pileups of more than 100 vehicles in the United States.  In 1991, due to a dust storm in California, 17 people were killed while driving. 114 people were also injured in multiple vehicle accidents involving 104 cars, trucks and other motor vehicles.

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Multiple vehicle collisions typically present complex insurance coverage issues.  Consult an attorney at Milles Law to ensure that you are getting the most out of the available insurance coverages for your injuries.  Your Injury. Your Rights. Your Lawyer.

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