Were You a Passenger in a Severe Car Accident?

A Tallahassee Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You File an Injury Claim

As a motor vehicle passenger involved in a car accident, you are not at fault whatsoever for the car crash or for any serious injuries that you have sustained.  You are now likely dealing with medical bills, lost wages, hospital bills, and pain and suffering. We recommend that you discuss your unique situation with a Tallahassee auto accident attorney with our firm.

Passengers in motor vehicle accidents may be able to seek redress from several potential parties:  the driver of the vehicle that they were riding in, the driver of another vehicle in the car accident, or the passenger’s own insurance policy.

Often the drivers in a car accident dispute who was at fault. It is important for the car passenger to obtain their own, independent legal counsel to protect their legal rights and to maximize their monetary recovery.

A passenger may be able to make a medical payment claim or uninsured/underinsured motorist claim on their own insurance depending on the circumstances and layers of coverage involved in a particular car accident.

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It is a very rare situation where a car passenger is somehow found to be “at fault” in any way for a car accident, such as if he or she grabbed the steering wheel of the car.  A vehicle passenger may wish to consult with an experienced car accident attorney at Milles Law to ensure that your rights are protected. Your Injury. Your Rights. Your Lawyer.

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