Did Your Car Accident Result in a Broken Arm or Leg?

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Arm and leg fractures are personal injuries that frequently occur in car or truck accidents. This is due to the high force impacts that are often involved.  Broken arms in car accidents most typically occur when there is significant direct trauma where the fracture involves the humerus, radius or ulna. All three leg bones (fember, tibia or fibula) can break during a car or truck accident. This often occurs when the car occupants’ knees and legs become jammed against the dashboard during a collision. Vehicle intrusion in severe car accidents can also cause broken bones including fractures of the arm or leg.

Arm or leg fractures may be more severe if the fracture is displaced, open or comminuted (meaning shattered).  Nationally, the average award for a leg fracture is over $150,000.00. However, this depends upon the specific leg bone implicated as well as the severity of the fracture.  Surgeries and surgical complications may also greatly affect the potential settlement or verdict value of your injury.

Many orthopedic surgeons will work with Tallahassee car accident lawyers such as Milles Law to provide care based upon a letter of protection prior to resolution of the broken arm or broken leg personal injury claim. This allows the injured person to get the  health care that they need in a timely fashion.

Some fracture injuries can lead to permanent disability and ongoing pain and suffering.  Some broken arm and leg fractures also involve broken joints such as knees, ankles, wrists or elbows. Broken joints are more likely to have arthritis and the need for pain management.

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