Does an Accident Report Have to Be Filled Out at the Time of the Fall?

Posted by : Milles Law on March 28, 2019

Your Tallahassee Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys Explain the Accident Reporting Process

Many slip and fall accidents are severe and require instant medical attention. It is often impossible for someone to immediately fill out an accident report when they are hurting physically. However, it is important for a slip and fall accident victim to document the accident as soon as possible. Your Tallahassee slip and fall accident attorneys want to help you protect yourself legally and give your claim the best chance for success. In the following video, personal injury attorney Eric Milles explains why an accident report does not necessarily have to be filled out directly after your slip and fall accident.

Video Transcript:

There is no requirement under Florida law that an accident report must be filled out at the time of an accident. It is recommended that the accident be documented in some way. However, be very careful in signing an accident report that is filled out by the business or restaurant that you fell in. It is advisable to seek legal counsel for any personal injury.

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