What If I Did Not Leave the Scene of My Florida Car Accident in an Ambulance? Can I Go to the Hospital on My Own the Next Day?

Posted by : Milles Law on March 28, 2019

A Tallahassee Car Accident Attorney Explains the Statute of Limitations for Seeking Initial Treatment

If you need immediate assistance after a car accident, then you should take an ambulance to the nearest hospital. However, if you are suffering from minor injuries, then you have the option of waiting to seek medical care. A Tallahassee car accident attorney knows that you must seek medical attention within fourteen days of your car accident in order to receive Florida personal injury protection coverage. In the following video, personal injury attorney Eric Milles answers your questions about forgoing an ambulance ride and going to the hospital the next day.

Video Transcript:

Yes, you may go on your own the next day to the hospital. Under Florida law, you have fourteen days to seek initial treatment to be able to get Florida personal injury protection coverage which covers up to eighty percent of your medical expenses up to policy limits.

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