Injured After a Surgical Error?

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Researchers  have estimated that over 4,000 surgical error never events occur each year in the United States.

Surgical error never events include leaving foreign objects in the body during surgery such as a scalpal, sponge or pad.  Florida Statute § 766.102(3)(b) provides in part that the discovery of the presence of a foreign body, such as a sponge, clamp, forceps, surgical needle, or other paraphernalia commonly used in surgical, examination, or diagnostic procedures, shall be prima facie evidence of negligence on the part of the health care provider.

Other surgical error never events such as wrong site, wrong side, wrong procedure, or wrong person surgeries occur at an alarming rate.  Prudent surgeons and hospitals put in safety precautions such as timeouts and double checks to ensure that these preventable surgical errors do not occur.

Another common surgical error which may be medical malpractice is when a surgeon cuts or lacerates a bowel or other organ which should not be involved in the surgical procedure.  These personal injuries often occur in gallbladder removal surgery or a hysterectomy. An important safety precaution to avoid these sort of injuries is for the surgeon to affirmatively identify the anatomy before cutting.

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