Injured by an Emergency Room Medical Provider?

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Emergency room errors in Tallahassee, Florida can cause personal injury or wrongful death.

An emergency room has the duty to provide reasonably prudent care to patients who arrive at a hospital’s emergency department.  Errors in emergency room medicine can take many forms and may involve patients arriving with head trauma, neck trauma, chest pain, or other symptoms.  Emergency room care providers have a duty to make a timely diagnosis and order reasonably prudent diagnostics for the health and safety of the patient.

Emergency room physicians sometimes misread X-Rays or other diagnostics. They may also breach the standard of care by failing to inform the patient of test results or X-Ray results.  Failure to communicate test results is a preventable error that can cause complications, prolonged hospitalization, injury and death.

Emergency room errors sometimes happen when the wrong medicine or amount of medicine is prescribed to a patient.  Such errors can result in personal injury or wrongful death.

Florida Statute § 395.1041 creates many duties, the most important of which is contained in §395.1041(3)(a), which states:

Every general hospital which has an emergency department shall provide emergency services and care for any emergency medical condition when:

  1. Any person requests emergency services and care; or
  2. Emergency services and care are requested on behalf of a person by:

(a)  An emergency medical services provider who is rendering care to or transporting the person

(b)  Another hospital, when such hospital is seeking a medically necessary transfer, except as otherwise provided in this section.

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